Guan Jian is often used as kT-103 guardian dao
Guan Jian is often used as kT-103 guardian dao
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Pass city ren Fang first push pass concurrently chang. Born in 1925, He inherited the traditional satin knife techniques of the Kamakura era, and is one of the most famous knife makers in modern times. During world War II, the Japanese militarists forced the production of knives, and after the war, the central Jockey Club in Japan made special knives for the farrier. Its unique seven-layer soft chin with anlai steel to produce the so-called "meinong pass" modern Japanese knives, both traditional and modern style, very noble sense. The elegant shape of the work, the blade is forged from several layers of different steel, repeatedly exercise the blade left numerous forged lines, clearly visible. After a number of manual grinding, sharp edge abnormity, volley cutting paper, easy as if cutting vegetables! He is short and sharp, easy to carry, is a good dao for personal protection! Not only practical, but also very collectable value! Although the dao is an imitation, the quality is not much different from the genuine one, but there is a big difference in price. Specifications: CM Full length: 25.5 Blade Length: 13 Blade Thickness: 0.5 Blade Material: pattern forged steel Blade Hardness: 59HRC Weight: 400g Hilt: log Scabbard: log + genuine leather + copper buckle