Imitation guan and often CW-4 exercise hunting knife, patterned steel
Imitation guan and often CW-4 exercise hunting knife, patterned steel
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Pass city ren Fang first push pass concurrently chang. Born in 1925, He inherited the traditional satin knife techniques of the Kamakura era, and is one of the most famous knife makers in modern times. During world War II, the Japanese militarists forced the production of knives, and after the war, the central Jockey Club in Japan made special knives for the farrier. Its unique seven-layer soft chin with anlai steel to produce the so-called "meinong pass" modern Japanese knives, both traditional and modern style, very noble sense. Guan Jianchang "exercise hunting" and "Bai Lian Kainren Craftsman" series of knives, their works elegant shape, the blade is very sharp, repeated exercise of the blade left countless forging lines, focusing on cutting and chopping ability. Although the dao is an imitation, there is no difference between the quality and the genuine one, only the price is different. Manual blade, sharp abnormal, volley cutting paper, easy as cutting vegetables! The patterned blade (sword) adopts the traditional casting process of more than 2,000 years ago in China. It is made of multiple layers of steel and spare steel materials that are repeatedly folded, forged and burned to achieve the hardness and toughness of the blade (sword). After smelting and special casting process, bronze or steel will form a variety of strange patterns, such as mountains, water, cracks, such as fish intestines. As the forging process of each sword is different, the patterns formed are also different, never repeated. The patterns recorded in Wuyue Spring and Autumn Annals and Yue Jue Shu, such as turtle pattern, manli pattern, flowing water pattern, furong pattern, mountain pattern, Dachuan pattern, liubo pattern and bingshi pattern, were called songwen Jian and Pan Steel Jian by han people. Full Length: 38cm Blade Length: 22cm Blade Thickness: 6mm Blade Material: forged pattern steel hardness: 59HRC Weight: 780g Surface: raw steel polished handle Material: solid wood Scabbard: solid wood + genuine leather Workmanship: handmade